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- እምነትካ ምግላጽን ምክልኻልን Apologetic

"...ብዛዕባ እታ ኣባኻትኩም ዘላ ተስፋ ንዝሓቱኩም ዘበለ ምላሽ ምሃብ ምእንቲ ኽትክእሉ ኹሉ ሳዕ ድልዋት ኩኑ። ግናኸ ብለውሃትን ብኽብርን ግበርዎ።" (1 ጴጥሮስ 3:15)
ሓደ ወገን ትምህርተ መለኮት፥ እቲ ላቲናውያን Apologetics ዝብለዎ ”እምነትካ ምግላጽን መኽልኻልን ” እዩ። ንሱ ነቲ ቀጻሊ ዘጋጥመና ሕቶታትን ንእምነትና ዝቃወም ሓሳባትን ክነታኣናግድ ይሕግዘና። ኣብዚ ገጽ፥ ካብተን ኣብ ትምህርተ መለኮታዊ ሰሌዳ  ተዘርዚረን ዘለዋ ካልኦት ወገናት ትምህርተ መለኮት በዝተፍልየ ኣገባብ፥ ብወገን ”እምነትካ ምግላጽን መኽልኻልን” (Apologetics) ክምደባ ዝኽእላ ሓጸርቲ ትምህርትታት ይቐርባ። ፈለማ ነዚ ብቀዳምነት ተሰሪዑ ዘሎ ”እምነትካ ምግላጽን መኽልኻልን” (Apologetics) እንታይ ከም ዝኾነ ዘብርህ ትምህርቲ ክትሪኢ ንዕድም።
“… always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do it with gentleness and respect.” (1 Peter 3:15)
Apologetics is a theological discipline whose purpose is to explain and defend the faith. It helps us deal with questions we face and ideas that test our faith. This page presents shorter lessons that can be categorised as ‘Apologetics’ in our theological map. First, we invite you to view the ‘Introduction to Apologetics’ lesson below which will be permanently pinned top. 
እምነትካ ምግላጽን ምክልኻልን Introduction to Apologetic (See above video )
(Abba Ephrem Andom)

   + 01. Why am I Catholic > 
   + 02. Apologetic - The Holy Bible Part 1 > 
   + 03. Apologetic - The Holy Bible Part 2 > > 
   + 04. Do Catholics Worship Mary? > 
   + 05. Intercession of Mary and the Saints > 
   + 06. Why intercessions other than Christ? > 
   + 07. What is Assumption of Mary and why do we believe it? > 
   + 08. Did Mary have children other than Jesus? > 
   + 09. Why do we call Mary our 'Mother'? > 
   + 10. The Woman and the Serpent > 
   + 11. How do we observe the Sabbath? > 
   + 12. Why has the Sabbath moved from Saturday to Sunday? > 
   + 13. Why do we have the crucifix on our crosses? > 
   + 14. Why confess sins to a priest? > 
   + 15. Why do we bow before the alter? > 
   + 16. Is second baptism possible? (Part 1) > 
   + 17. Is second baptism possible? (Part 2) > > 
   + 18. “Born Again” - what is it and how is it possible? > 
   + 19. Why does the Church canonise saints? > 
   + 20. Questions on the intercession of the saints. > 
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